Why not book a place now, only £8 including all materials?

Tuesday 4th April                                1pm                                   Dunholme
Thursday 20th April                             1pm                                    Dunholme
Friday 21st April                                9.45am                                 Dunholme
Thursday 27th April                            6.30pm                                 Dunholme

Tuesday 2nd May                                  1pm                                   Dunholme
Tuesday 9th May                                   1pm                                   Dunholme
Thursday 18th May                                1pm                                   Dunholme
Friday 19th May                                  9.45am                                Dunholme

 Workshops are about 3 hours and we make 3 or 4 projects. 
Whole day workshops are usually £25 and often include free products.
          Do check with Ginny (Market Rasen)  to see when her workshops are being held.
                  When coming to any of our workshops please  bring
                     along your favourite adhesives and the usual tools,
                     ruler, scissors, bone folder, etc. if you have them.

                                         Do come along and join us? 

Ring or email 

                        for Mandy    01673 565295         
                    for Ginny     01673 844432         

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